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Bounty Killa Verzuz Beenie Man

Last night was a great look for Jamaica and Reggae Music.

Bounty killa and Beenie Man was the best Verzuz so far. I stood up hand on heart singing the national anthem at the start, then dance away with a Guinness in hand, it was like being at Sting or Reggae SunSplash and the whole world was invited, saw a ton of my family and friends inside that chatroom too.
Big up to Swizz Beatz Timbaland Beenie Man and Bounty Killa for repersenting Jamaicans and Dancehall music in a   epic and beautiful way. Bless Up

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Happy Birthday Kool Herc


#HappyBirthday to the Father of Hip Hop DJ Kool Herc.
Born April 16th 1955
From Jamaica to the Bronx to the world. Thank you Father Kool Herc. Salute
#KoolHerc #DJs #DJlife #HipHop #Father

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Let Music Take You Higher

Have you ever thought what our life would be without music? The first thing that comes to my mind is the world deprived of colors. That might sound weird, but this is exactly how I imagine it. Music has always been a lifeline for me. It gave me comfort in my hours of need and made the moments of joy even more exciting. There’s much more to music than we used to think. Music is not just about an arrangement of notes - it’s an attitude, a way of feeling the world around us. I decided to become a professional DJ, Emcee, Musician and Dancer when I was 11 years old. Through the years I managed to evolve into a skillful and experienced musician who’s able to share some valuable knowledge with those who want to choose the same path as me. If becoming a successful DJ is what you want, or if your a person who enjoy's great music and great vibez join my music televison network Skelly B Vibez and get ready to dive into the amazing world of music!

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